Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Mr. Wiggles!

Pasadena police investigate bizarre case of stolen orchid with ransom note left behind - 3/23/10 - Houston News - "A homeowner in the 4000 block of Dogwood Hill went outside around 8am on Thursday and made the bizarre discovery. According to Pasadena Police spokesperson Vance Mitchell, the man saw a note written in green marker taped to his door reading, 'If you want your plant back, call 409-XXX-XXXX.' No further demands were given.

The missing plant was a rare Hawaiian orchid in a red ceramic pot. The plant is valued at $60.

Mitchell adds that thieves struck at a house next door. That homeowner reported receiving a note on similar paper, but written in red marker. It read, 'I took ur Mr. Wiggles if u want him call this number,' which had the same 409 prefix as the other note. The police report doesn't mention a value on Mr. Wiggles, or specify who or what he may be."

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