Thursday, February 25, 2010

New York Leads the Way

Occupational Therapists Are Helping Children With Handwriting - "These days, many little fingers are being drilled. Twenty-five years ago, pediatric occupational therapists primarily served children with severe disabilities like spina bifida, autism or cerebral palsy. Nowadays, these therapists are just as focused on helping children without obvious disabilities to hold a pencil.

In affluent neighborhoods in and around New York, occupational therapists have taken their place next to academic tutors, psychologists, private coaches and personal trainers — the army that often stands behind academically successful students."

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Deb said...

From my experience in the school system, children just don't get the "penmanship" training we used to get--it's not just that their handwriting is illegible, they don't even know how the hold a pencil correctly.