Monday, February 22, 2010

Gator Update (Water Hazard Edition)

Golf course hosts snappy water hazard | The Courier-Mail: "A NORTH Queensland golf course has an unusual water hazard with a wayward crocodile taking up residence near the 17th hole.

A golfer spotted the 1.5-metre freshwater crocodile a week ago in a lake which forms part of the par three hole at Willows Golf Resort in Townsville.

'They were walking along and saw it swanning around in the lake and said: 'There's a crocodile' and everyone was laughing at them. But we went down later on and sure enough it was,' Willows manager Adrian Lawson said."


Richard Robinson said...

After seeing that NATURE program on Burmese Pythons last night, 'gators are the least of our problems!

Unknown said...

That's what Jeff Meyerson tells me!