Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Massachusetts Leads the Way

Finch Fighting: A New Breed of Animal Cruelty - AOL News: "America's more-unsavory pastimes have long included underground cockfighting and dogfighting scenes, but now reports point toward a new animal-cruelty trend: finch fighting.

Last week, Massachusetts authorities seized more than 20 of the birds -- 6-inch 'little bursts of yellow' as described by The Boston Globe -- after a home inspection in Ashland, a small town about a half-hour's drive from Boston. More than 20 Brazilian men were at the house, and some were detained by immigration authorities."

Hat tip to Todd Mason.


Todd Mason said...

In response to my forward of this story from my Boston-based friend Laura Nakatsuka, Bill wondered what John Winthrop would've made of this development in his Shining settlement, to which I eventually coughed up, or what would Jonathan Edwards..."Finches in the Hands of an Angry Mob"?

Unknown said...

And we'll forgive you for that, Todd.

Todd Mason said...

Punners in the Archives of a Pop Culture Blog.

Or, with a keystroke, not.