Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Top Ten Most Annoying Characters on TV

The Top Ten Most Annoying Characters On TV -

Hat tip to Toby O'Brien.


Todd Mason said...

maWell, given that the first entry displays a misunderstanding of the series under examination (Jim and Pam are supposed to be smug...that's the point. Now if one wants to complain about the sane characters in the series being made into further clowns, which is how ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, NEWSRADIO, and to some extent SEINFELD went off the rails, that's another matter), the inclusion of a photo of Audrina Patridge, as if any sane person cares what's going on with her, sort of says all that need be said about this site.

Anonymous said...

The idea that such a list could exist without Horatio Caine on it, let alone at #1, immediately invalidates the whole thing for me.

Other most annoying characters?

2. Greg House (yes, I know it's on purpose but does make him less annoying?)
3. Nina Sharp on Fringe
4. Sue Sylvester in Glee (see #2)

norby said...

I'm just thrilled that the author is getting skewered in the comments for including Abby Sciuto in the list. Abby is my hero....

pattinase (abbott) said...

Horatio Caine is the most annoying person on the planet. His whispery voice alone...Jim has made several big goofs and co-manager this year, making Michael look good. I agree about True Blood's Bill and Rita on Dexter. He is dull. She is whiney. So there, Rita. Also Barney on HIMMM. One-dimensional. I find the smug judges on TOP CHEF largely annoying.

Todd Mason said...

In re: Jim from THE OFFICE, Patti: exactly. He's being made into a part-time clown, which doesn't actually improve matters.

Horatio Caine and Caruso are no more annoying than Calleigh DuQuesne and Emily Procter; DuQuesne can't register any emotion other than smugness, and one suspects that is true of the actress portraying her. With these two aces at its center, it's a wonder this beautifully-shot, otherwise awful series keeps killing off actually good series in the same timeslot such as JOURNEYMAN (NBC) and THE MIDDLEMAN (ABC Family).

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