Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Naked Santa statue not popular with Texas | Metro.co.uk: "A Texas homeowner who put a naked statue of Michelangelo's David dressed as Santa has been forced to give his nude Santa more clothes - after complaints from his neighbours."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Deb said...

"Naked" statue "dressed" as Santa?

Hello, Editor!

Fred Blosser said...

A surprise -- I went to the article, thinking it would be an Austin story, but nope, Big Spring.

Seepy Benton said...

Whatever you do, don't google "naked Santa!"

Richard Robinson said...

Yep, it's always the complainers who have the power, it's it? Person A does something they want. Person B says "Oh, I don't like that." Person B wins every time. Bullshit. Apparently the only personal freedom we have left is the right to keep others from doing things because we don't like it. The whole PC thing has gone waaay too far.

My wife was going to hand out some Christmas cards at he office. Couldn't do it. Why? Because inside they said "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" Apparently handing out such a card is forcing your religious beliefs on others, and can result in - no kidding - being FIRED FROM THE COMPANY. Oh my.

I'm currently looking for a box of blank cards wiht the greeting "Enjoy something, sometime" inside. I can't seem to find any. Maybe I should complain.