Saturday, August 08, 2009

No Comment Department

The men transforming into female hybrids (and dab hands at dusting)
| Mail Online
: "Modern women are turning their husbands into 'male-female hybrids' by ordering them to do a rising number of domestic chores, a relationship counsellor claims.

Women increasingly used to being in charge in the workplace are adopting the same policy at home, telling their men to perform traditional housewives' tasks such as the laundry, vacuuming and ironing.

As a result men are abandoning their natural manly instincts and becoming hybrids of both sexes, according to a book by relationship expert Francine Kaye."


Charlieopera said...

This is so true, Bill.

The wife used to ask: "Honey, can you put that in the basement?"

Then it became: "Can you put that in the basement?"


"Put that in the basement."

We're all doomed, brother ...

Todd Mason said...

Mmm-hmm. The problem with marriages is that men are cowering from their wives. Not that both partners are locked in infantile dependence on gaming and unhelpful preconceptions about what their respective roles should be.

See earlier comment about actually thinking about what one's writing.

Cap'n Bob said...

Thank god I'm too lazy to do chores.