Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Anybody Seen These?

Newsarama.com : Sunday Comics on Wednesday? DC's New 'Wednesday Comics': "At a time when many newspapers are cutting back on their comics sections, DC Comics is looking to remind readers of the fun and excitement a full Sunday-sized comics section can offer.

Except they’re going to do it on Wednesdays.

The publisher today officially announced Wednesday Comics, a new 12-part weekly series launching this summer that will be presented in a 14” x 20” broadsheet format and will have to be unfolded and opened to be read. The 'Wednesday' part of the title refers to the fact new comic books go on sale at comic book stores nationwide every Wednesday."

Hat tip to Bob Vasquez.


Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

They've been doing this for four weeks now. And they are terrific. I'm really enjoying the Batman and Supergirl in particular.

Get thee to a comics store Bill!

Bill Crider said...

There aren't a lot of comics stores in Alvin.

Scott Cupp said...

I can show you these next week in Austin, Bill. And, if you are interested, we can probably find them there. Also, USA Today has been posting the Superman page each week. I think they still have links to each of the older pages up.

Bill Crider said...

Cool, Scott. I used to love the real funny papers on Sunday.

Dave Lewis said...

A cool idea. After decades of focussing on more and more sophisticated artwork, the last few years have seen a vast improvement in the writing - both in script and plotting. They're still limited by the corny characters, of course, but folks may be surprised at how good today's comics can be.