Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gator Update (Cross Plains Edition)

Alligator's slaying vindicates dad, son :
Front page : Abilene Reporter-News
: "Word has it a monster was slain in Cross Plains in recent days, and Dick Vestal, 79, and his son, Chris, feel perhaps a natural vindication.

Not too many folks, it seems, believed their tales of the alligator that used to haunt a stock tank on the family farm in Cross Plains.

Dick Vestal said the saga begins about three years ago, when he first saw two eyes sticking up from the water.

“I went back and told everybody that there was an alligator in the tank,” he said. “They all wanted to know what I’d been drinking.”"

Cross Plains, in case you've forgotten, is the place where Robert E. Howard spent a lot of his life (and an unlikely place to find a gator).

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