Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Latest Hat Craze - WSJ.com: "After decades in dormancy, brimmed hats are back on the streets.

Fedoras were worn by men good and bad, on hard-boiled detectives as well as on well-dressed mobsters. 1920s-era ganster Al Capone was well known for his sartorial meticulous, including his love of fedoras.

The so-called stingy-brim hat, with a brim 1-1/2 inches wide, is considered more modern than those carrying standard 2-1/2-inch widths, and straw versions have been big sellers this summer. 'Our stingy brims are extremely strong right now,' says Don Rongione, chief executive of Bollman Hat, whose brands include Bailey and Kangol."

Hat history slideshow at the link.


Rusty said...

I've been wearing cowboy hats for years, every day right here on the sidewalks of DC, and I get a lot of "nice hat" remarks -- but not too many people following my lead.

When did "meticulous" become a noun?


R.K. Robinson said...

Rusty, it is not a noun, they must have left off the "ness" is all I can guess. Crappy grammar is rife. An article in the local paper (LA Times) was headlined "Woman has swammed Catalina Channel". Are there no editors left?

As for hats, I have both a felt and a straw fedora, but rarely wear them. Not sure why.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Dave "Evan" Lewis sports a hat everywhere these days. No doubt he started the trend.