Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get a Rope

10-Year-Old Girl Fined $50 For Lemonade Stand At NY Park - wcbstv.com: "It's a summertime tradition for kids everywhere – setting up a lemonade stand and hoping to make a few bucks off of thirsty passersby.

That is, unless you do it on city park property – as did one little girl who was ticketed for trying to serve up summer refreshment.

To 10-year-old Clementine Lee, setting up a lemonade stand at Riverside Park on a hot Saturday afternoon seemed like a fun way to make money.

Instead, she and her dad got slapped with a $50 fine."


R.K. Robinson said...

It doesn't matter the who or why, these days it's only about the revenue. She should ask Obama for clemency.

Anonymous said...

How much salary were the three agents getting for making this high-end bust?



Anonymous said...

HEY! It's time these little heathens learned some respect for the LAW!

And stay off my lawn!

Bill Crider said...

That's why they were in the park. It was across the street from the house, and they didn't have to get on the lawn.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Rotten little scofflaw should have got life.

jj solari said...

if she'da scattered some donuts around the cops never woulda even seen the stand.