Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's Not Worried about his Lawn

Can 20-year-old Ekaterina keep up with 61-year-old Rolling Stone legend Ronnie Wood? | Mail Online: "Ronnie Wood's young lover seems a little worse for wear after stepping out with her legendary rocker beau Ronnie Wood.

The twenty-year-old Russian collapsed into the back of a taxi following a meal at upmarket London fish restaurant J Sheekey.

Despite the four-decade age gap, it seems it's Ekaterina who's struggling to keep up with ageing Ron."

Geat photos a the link.


Brent McKee said...

Which remind sme of the old joke about the 80 year-old man who is getting ready to marry a 20 year-old woman, and someone asks him if he's worried about the possibility that the wedding night might end in a medical emergency. The old boy replies "Well, if she dies, she dies."

Unknown said...

A personal favorite, and I believe Clint Eastwood once used the line on Carson's show. Or maybe Letterman's. Or maybe not.