Monday, May 25, 2009

Who Does the Stunts for James Bond?

The family who do stunts for James Bond - Times Online: "Nearly every James Bond actor has shared a secret. At some point during filming they have been introduced to a man called Powell. And each time that man has made sure that 007 drives faster, fights better and shoots straighter.

The Powell family is among the best-kept secrets in film, having performed Bond’s stunts for more than 40 years. In 20 films, Fred “Nosher” Powell, 80, and Dennis “Dinny” Powell, 76, or Nosher’s sons Greg, 54, and Gary, 45, have helped successive Bonds from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig do the dirty business of making Bond look good."


Joan Reeves said...

Cool. I think Bond films created the opening action sequence that's now a standard for action flicks.

Graham Powell said...

All Powells are noted for their skill and daring.

Unknown said...

When are they going to cut you in on the action?