Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Comment Department

Jamie Foxx to play Frank Sinatra - Music-News.com: "Jamie Foxx is set to play Frank Sinatra in a new biopic.

The Oscar-winning star - who played jazz musician Ray Charles in 'Ray' - is being lined up to portray the legendary Rat Pack singer in a film by Martin Scorsese after film bosses saw similarities between the two stars' backgrounds.

A source said: 'Cool is colour-blind. Jamie would seem to be born to the role."


charlie stella said...

This has to be a joke. Tell me this is a joke.

There's no way they'll pass on the retired champion of the world wide wrestling federation, The "Iron" Sheik Kahani to play old blue eyes.

Rick Robinson said...

Yeah, right. Maybe they'll get Will Ferrell to play Sammy Davis Jr.

Anonymous said...

"Cool is color blind."


Yeah, Jamie Foxx as the iconic singer from Hoboken.

I'm with Charlie - this has to be a joke.


Max Allan Collins said...

Ray Charles would dig it.

Gerard said...

Their backgrounds are similar? A scrawny Italian from Jersey versus a accomplished athlete from North Texas?

The Iron Sheikh would do an admirable job, "Dean-O is dirty [homosexual]! You no good jabroni! I break your neck!"

Dan said...

Hey, he was great on M*A*S*H.

Unknown said...

But did Sinatra wear a dress?

Ted said...

Are you sure this wasn't from The Onion?

Seriously, though, the cross-cultural casting possibilities are endless: Leo DiCaprio as Sammy; Lucy Liu as Mai Britt; Ben Kingsley as Dino; Madonna as Judy Exner; Tilda Swinton as Joey Bishop; and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver. Collins is already casting his Rat Pack movie.

And, if any of that isn't bizarre enough, remember that Tom Hanks was a lock to play Dino when Scorcese was attached to a Rat Pack project about 10 years ago.