Thursday, April 16, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Ron Paul represents my district.

AFP: US lawmaker: Bring back private pirate hunters: "WASHINGTON (AFP) — A US lawmaker known for broadsides at US foreign policy says Somali piracy has an age-old solution: 'Letters of marque' empowering private citizens to chase the seaborne scoundrels from the oceans.

Republican Representative Ron Paul and a handful of conservative theorists say it's time that the US Congress used the technique, pioneered by European powers in the 18th Century as a way to wage naval warfare on the cheap.

Major shipping companies should accept a 'go at your own risk' approach and not expect government help when they transit through pirate-infested waters, Paul said this week in a video posted on the public Internet site YouTube."


Todd Mason said...

I'm not sure it's too much more insane than having SEALS knocking off teenagers from BLACKBOARD JUNGLE. It's a crazy world.

Leigh said...

I see a story here:

Jeb and Andy each drink six bottles of rum, after which private privateering starts lookin' purty good.