Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room � Perry invites Limbaugh to Texas: "If Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tex) is looking to shore up the conservative base for his upcoming re-election, his latest move is a masterstroke: the governor says he will personally invite Rush Limbaugh to move to Texas.

The conservative radio host recently announced that high taxes are driving him out of New York.

Perry said he'd welcome Limbaugh with open arms."


Anonymous said...

Perry & Limbaugh; perfect together.

What an @sshat.


zubiemom said...

We already have too many right-wing vermin in Texas - we don't need to invite more in!

Rusty said...

Ooh, I WANT to see Rush Limbaugh and Rick Perry in one another's arms! If they were making kissy faces that would be even better!


Anonymous said...

Good for Perry.

Jerry House said...

Any available homes in Alvin?

WV: citeesti - What it becomes after Rush moves in.