Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maxine Cooper, R. I. P.

SPILLANE'S SECRETARY IN KISS ME DEADLY DEAD AT 84: "Actress MAXINE COOPER GOMBERG has died at her home in Los Angeles. She was 84.

Best known for playing fictional private eye Mickey Spillane's secretary in 1955 film noir classic Kiss Me Deadly, Gomberg - then known as Maxine Cooper - was also a social activist.

She died of natural causes on 4 April (09)."

Obviously the writer knows nothing at all about the movie.  Mickey Spillane's secretary, indeed.


Max Allan Collins said...

She was a great Velda, I would say the best. Aldrich cast the movie beautifully, the Hammer "girls" all attractive but unusual types, with great character, from Cooper to Cloris Leachman to Gaby Rodgers.

Lovely Marian Carr, interestingly, appeared in both KISS ME DEADLY and the Spillane-starring RING OF FEAR. Peggie Castle, Charlotte in the Biff Elliot I, THE JURY, also appeared on the MIKE HAMMER Darren McGavin series, another Spillane two-fer.

ted said...

Hire that intern!