Saturday, April 18, 2009

Novel Books, Merit Books

Unfortunately, I don't have many Novel Books and Merit Books, the publishers of the estimable Toby Wedge series (not to mention the publishers of the Ennis Willie novels). However, since one or two of you expressed an interest, I've created a little Flickr set of the few I do have. It's here for your edification. They really don't write 'em like that anymore.

Fans of Cap'n Bob Napier's late, lamented MDM, of which I am one, will recognize the name of Arnold Marmor, author of Torrid Wenches.


Anonymous said...

"Bed was his office - and he worked a seven day week!"

No, they sure don't write 'em like that anymore, more's the pity.


George said...

Thanks for sharing this slideshow! For some reason, these books weren't distributed in this area. I only found a few when I lived in Wisconsin.

Ed Gorman said...

I bought all of them I could find when I was in my teens. But I always thought that--seriously--even I, who have no artistic talent whatsoever, could have laid out (you'll pardon the expression) the covers better than their in-house artist. His use of white space was baffling, especially given those crummy photos which they'd colorize. But the illustrations were even worse--straight from a toilet wall to your home! But the Ennis Willies' were good books as were a surprising number of others--at least in memory. I don't think I want to go back and reread any but the Willies. Maybe the Jakes.