Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eddie's World -- Charlie Stella

I've read some of Charlie Stella's short stories but not his novels, so I figured it was time to change that.  I started with his first, Eddie's World, and it was a dandy.  Now I'll have to look around for the others.

Eddie Senta's a connected guy, but not in the mob.  He's a sort of half-way guy, involved in the rackets but also his own man.  He even has a straight job (word-processing) that he works from time to time.  He's having marital troubles, and he has a friend who needs money, so Eddie decides to pull a robbery.  It should be a snap.  You know how that works.  Things go seriously wrong, and the next thing Eddie knows, he's a murder suspect, he's dangerously involved with the Russian mob, and a killer who's under federal protection is after him.  

The book is short (which is to say, just the right length), funny at times, fast-moving, and over-all very entertaining.  If you haven't read anything by Stella, you should definitely check it out.


charlie stella said...

Bill, you're way more than kind, brother.

I'm just a hack trying to pay for my drums.

I wrote Eddie's World back when I was a hack trying to stay out of trouble.

I'm still a hack, but the drums have definitely replaced the potential for trouble.

Grazie, amico.

Gerard Saylor said...

I just read Stella's Mafiya. That was a good one with nasty Russian mobsters and some interesting NYPD detectives. I was surprised by the novel's quality because I hear Stella is just a hack.

charlie stella said...

Oh, whatserface vs. the Russian mob ... that one?

Strictly a hack job.

Gerard Saylor said...

Like I wrote, I didn't have the book handy.