Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worst James Bond Moments

James Bond moments: when 007 was off target - Times Online: "Bond has been reinvented and revitalised but Nigel Kendall, a lifelong fan, is still haunted by the times when it all went wrong."


Todd Mason said...

He does pick a good one for the first...but, then, Bond does essentially Nothing right in GOLDFINGER, if little else quite as criminal. Check your email, Bill, for an associational Paris H bulletin (amidst very bad if trivial news).

mybillcrider said...

I checked; it hasn't arrived yet. I'll keep checking.

Todd Mason said...

Ah. If it hasn't arrive by now, I might not ever. That explains a number of things.

From the Horror list at Indiana Edu, today:
Blech; from VARIETY:

"Andy Fickman has made a deal with Roseblood Movie Company and Twisted Pictures to godfather four remakes from RKO's horror heyday, including three that were produced by horrormeister Val Lewton. Fickman will direct at least one of the films."

Full article:

Dana C. Gravesen

mybillcrider said...

Thanks, Todd. Look for it on the blog.