Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Kelley Collection

How long has it been since you visited the Kelley Collection? George Kelley is an occasional commenter here as well as an all around swell guy, and today The Bunburyist reminds us of the collection of his books at the The State University of New York at Buffalo. Check it out.

UBdigit : About: "The UB Libraries’ George Kelley Paperback and Pulp Fiction Collection includes over 30,000 pulp fiction books and magazines. A selection of cover art images, representing more than 500 crime fiction and science fiction volumes found in the Kelley Collection, is featured in UBdigit. Colorful and dynamic, the cover art highlights a variety of artistic themes and imagery, reflecting the social and cultural trends of the period in which these covers were created."


pattinase (abbott) said...

Have to wait till spring. Buffalo in winter is even worse than Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Patti!
It snowed in Buffalo TODAY! But you don't have to visit THE KELLEY COLLECTION in person. You can visit the new, redesigned and very cool web site.
George Kelley