Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top 10 Tear Jerkers

Disney classic Bambi named top 'tear-jerker' film of all time | Mail Online: "It might be a 66-year-old cartoon but Walt Disney's Bambi has been named the best tear-jerker of all time ahead of other favourites such as ET and the Lion King.

The tale of the young deer whose mother is shot by hunters topped a poll of films which make you weep."


pattinase (abbott) said...

I'm sorry but I would have to go with An Affair to Remember or Brief Encounters.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

I am Legend (when he kills his dog)

Saints and Soliders (when one is desperately trying to light a cigarette)

The English Patient (when my wife pops it into the DVD player, ha ha ha)

Benjie said...

Old Yeller gets me every time.

Cap'n Bob said...

Jim Brown's death in The Dirty Dozen.

Anonymous said...

I'm with benjie; Old Yeller is it.


Anonymous said...

Bambi is tough, but Dumbo wipes me out. I damn near have to call 911 if my wife or kid puts that film on.
The whole Mother/Child thing with Mom being lableled a Mad Elephant, and innocent lil Dumbo wanting to do so good and crawling out of the wreckage to wave his little flag and.. and...>choke<

John Hocking

Anonymous said...

LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN or ENCHANTED COTTAGE. I cry uncontrollably whenever they're on TV, whether I watch them or not; just see 'em in TV GUIDE & go all misty.