Friday, October 24, 2008

Gator Update (Drug Dealer Edition)

This is the third or fourth example of this use of gators I've run across. | Cleveland, OH | Authorities find alligator guarding stash in Cleveland pot bust: "The real surprise was a seven-foot American alligator. Deputies nicknamed it 'Bubba.' Once transported to the Cleveland Zoo though, keepers found out it's really 'bubbette.'

With $4,200 worth of electricity each month to power the growing lights, 'Bubba' was comfortably warm and with a diet of chickens and ground meat, she was well fed.

'She's a little heavier then normal, so she was clearly cared for. She looks great, ' Zoo Curator Geoff Hall said."


Todd Mason said...

Spiders of entirely too much successful ambition (courtesy Jeff Segal):

Todd Mason said...

And, in the crocodilian department, or why cats are demons (MAXIM ran a photo like this of a tiger messing over a larger croc a while back, with the claim that the croc had stolen some meat from the tiger the previous day that she was going to take back to cubs...perhaps this was grudge, as well. Having more than a reptile brain might well be an unfair advantage, if one also has sufficient fang and claw.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the links, Todd!