Tuesday, October 07, 2008

EW's 15 Choices of Worst Movie Dialog

It's a slideshow, so be warned.


Scott Parker said...

"You complete me." is a cheesy line but I don't think it ranks among the worst. The Star Wars line rightly does.

Ben Rehder said...

There are two in there that I think are excellent. I won't embarrass myself by pointing out which ones.

David Terrenoire said...

Call me crazy, but I laughed (in a good way) at the line about being just like Pretty Woman without the hooker stuff.

What was the name of that movie, "She's All That"?

Years ago I was in a terrible play about the murder of Socrates and I had a line that read "I'll give you until that eagle crosses the sky."

I hated that line and felt like Big Chief Honkey every night I said it.

The only direction I got from our director?

"Point at the eagle."

jjs said...

i didnt have a problem with the "you know what happens to a frog that gets struck by lightning...." line. i thought it was pretty funny. and if the "i carried a watermelon" remark had been the parting line of the doomed laura palmer in the david lynch movie it would have made perfect sense. it's a david lynch movie. come to think of it what was actually said wasnt all that out of order. like i said its a david lynch movie: you get to say ANYTHING and it's appropriate. and "a dingo ate my baby" was supposed to be preposterous. that was a real trial. and to this day i dont think they know whether a dingo ate her baby or not. and i think in a very real way rene zell whatever her name is really does complete tom cruise. kind of like zippy completes polysorbate 60.

Hey, I could be not drinking at BoucherCon! TM said...

Well, "You complete me" might just be the most self-regarding way of supposedly expressing one's love for another that I can recall. Maybe, "You match my outfit" would be worse. Conversely, the dozens of melodramatic folks who have said "I will End you!" belong on this list.

But, yeah, as usual EW demostrates its knowledge of Entertainment Weakly.