Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm a guy who likes being in a rut.  I like my little routines.  I'm uncomfortable with change.  

Things have changed a lot lately, so of course I don't like it.  Here I am, sitting in Kroger again, when I should be at my computer at home.  But I don't have Internet there, and in fact I don't even have my main computer.  The computer guy hasn't returned my call.  Neither has the roofer.  I'm not enjoying this at all.  

Still, I'm a lot better off than people in Galveston who are going through what's left of their homes while they wear gas masks and rubber gloves.  Water was up to the roofs of many houses, which are already infected by mold.  Everything that was in them is ruined.  And those are the lucky ones.  Many houses are just gone.  When I think about that, I realize how lucky I am.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Every guy I know is like that--loves his routines. My husband goes to bed at 11:40 every night, for instance. Hope it all ends soon. Meanwhile I'm working on the story. Any problem with my having you murder the comcast guy.

Bill Crider said...

Sounds like a perfect plot to me!

Richard said...

Ruts are good. I look back and define huge chunks of my life that way-- "Oh! That was during the Daily-Peanut-Buster-Parfait-rut of '92."

moni said...

My husband is a creature of habit. Lunch is at exactly 12:00 noon, etc. He is comfortable with routine. Me, not so much. I am sure you miss your home and computer and books. There really is no place like home.