Monday, September 22, 2008

Crime and Peter Chambers

That appears to be the official name of the radio show I mentioned below.  Today on the way back to Houston, Judy and I listened to another episode on XM.  This one also had the second-person voiceover, so that must indeed be a regular feature.  Chambers is hired to find out who pulled a kidnapping, and someone's trying to kill him.  Anybody who doesn't have this one figured out within the first two minutes is brain-dead, but we enjoyed it anyway.  Some snappy patter, and it's nicely acted.  Dane Clark is pretty darned good as Chambers.

We also listened to an episode of Suspense, with William Conrad doing all the voices.  An out-of-work reporter plans to spend the night in a wax museum filled with figures of notorious murderers.  This is another highly predictable episode, but it was entertaining enough.

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