Friday, April 11, 2008

Stay off this Guy's Lawn!

Preston man shoots ATV tire, four arrested for trespassing - Norwich, CT - Norwich Bulletin: "Preston, Conn. —

A Preston man shot out the tire of one of four ATVs police said were riding illegally on his Brickyard Road property.

The four ATV riders were charged with trespassing on Tuesday. State police said Alton Lewis, 73, of 87 Brickyard Road in Preston had confronted the ATV riders, brandishing a pistol. He subsequently shot the tire of a four-wheelers, police said. Police said the case remains under investigation."


Doc Quatermass said...

This is a great story. Several years ago after a winter storm a couple of idiots tore up the park trail I walked illegally riding ATVs on the trail. They also tore up a field.

Another time the one end of the trail and woods was marked up with fluorescent paint ball paint. Marred the beauty for a long time.

We should send all the the Nascar loving, ATV riding , paint ball shooting, Rush listening redneck neo con idiots to Iraq to start up Bush's democratic government.

Brent McKee said...

Much as I agree with Doc on this one, what happens if this guy misses and hit one of the riders. But then I'm one of those lily livered gun hating Canucks.

Cap'n Bob said...

If the guy hits one of the idiots instead of a tire we give him a medal.

Brent McKee said...

Cap'n Bob, I share your sentiments - although around here it's snowmobilers. Unfortunately the cops and courts aren't as enlightened as we are.

Anonymous said...

How about this guys; I have known that man all my life and he is a drunk! So it is only a miracle he did not shoot anybody.
That man should be spending more time thinking about how much of a screw up he has been in his life and to his family, then he should worrying about a family just having a good time together on an ATV. I hope he never carries another gun in his life ...keep sippin on that beer can Alton!