Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hard Case Crime Update


For the past few months we've been teasing you with hints about a long-lost book by Lawrence Block that will be kicking off our sixth season in January 2009. Now, at last, we're in a position to say what it is -- and I think you'll see what I meant when I said that the subject matter has been in the headlines lately.

Rather than spoiling the fun here, I encourage you to visit our Web site to see the cover and read the nice, long sample chapter we've got up there for you. All I'll say here is that this is by far the rarest of all Block's books. He wrote it under a pseudonym he never used before or since, it's never been published under his real name (or this title), and he couldn't even locate a copy of it himself for thirty years!

You can pull back the curtain by visiting and clicking on...well, you'll see what to click on.

In other news, let me congratulate the winners of our drawing for free copies of our new 'double' edition of Robert Bloch's SHOOTING STAR and SPIDERWEB: Brent, Opal, Michael, Dan, Cherie, Larry, Michael, Blu, Rich, and Kim (of NY, MO, KS, IL, WA, TX, CA, AL, UT, and MD, respectively). The book is in stores now -- don't miss it!

Coming up next month: The little known but harrowing and masterful novel THE MURDERER VINE by Shepard Rifkin, inspired (loosely) by the same events as "Mississippi Burning"...then Donald Westlake returns with the very funny SOMEBODY OWES ME MONEY...and then 1950s film noir screenwriter Steve Fisher is up, with his novel of Las Vegas, NO HOUSE LIMIT.

Lots of good books, leading into what may be our biggest Fall ever, with four original novels back to back, including a new Quarry novel by Max Allan Collins and a sequel to BUST and SLIDE by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr.

Wouldn't this be a good time to sign up for the Hard Case Crime Book Club at last? If you're curious, call 1-800-481-9191 -- the person you reach will be glad to answer any questions you've got.

Charles Ardai
Editor, Hard Case Crime

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