Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Now They're Insulting Paris Hilton's Feet

Great photos at link. Including one of the bunion.

Paris Hilton launches shoe line.... and models them with her own terrifying size 11s | the Daily Mail: "Paris Hilton hasn't let her less than perfect feet put her off launching her own shoe range.

The socialite arrived in Montreal on the weekend to meet her fans and launch her newly designed range of shoes.

But some might say it's a bit rich coming from the heiress who possesses a pair of extremely large size 11 feet (UK size 9) complete with an angry-looking bunion."


Anonymous said...

ya know, even god can get tired. using up tons and tons of perfection starting from the top of her head down, when he had exhausted all possible virtures and talents at his disposal, he still had not applied his wizardry to her whole body and beingness. so her feet were just left to chance. small price to pay for goddesshood.

Unknown said...

And they're not all that bad, after all.