Friday, April 11, 2008

Gorilla Suit Construction Workshop

West Chester Gorilla Suit Construction Workshop: Welcome: "No single article of clothing is as versatile as the gorilla suit. You can wear a gorilla suit to an embassy party, to a jewel heist, to a high-speed car chase, and then practice your slamdunks in it, all in a single evening. Without a well-constructed, well-tailored, and suitably altered gorilla suit (do you need boot-cut legs to go over your ski bindings?) your closet is sadly lacking."

Link via Boing Boing.


Doc Quatermass said...

Great article. Should have been posted on January 31st, National Gorilla Suit Day.

I've always wanted to own a professionally made suit (some day when my treasure ship comes in), but I looked at a suit at Target this past September that was about $70 or $80. Problem was, it was one of those "one size fit most" and I didn't think it fit my manly 6' 3" 270 lb body. I bought hands and head that were sold separately. When I got home, Salem, our tuxedo cat and the oldest and quite the scaredy cat calmly lay on the couch watching me don them. I then headed out on the enclosed side porch making grunting noises. Mooch, our black cat with the Egyptian cat features pressed himself to the porch floor. Tiki, an undersized grey tabby went tearing through the porch leaving a trail of urine along the way. Wifey chastised me. Chagrined, I defended myself by exclaiming I never thought for a minute they'd react that way.

Ron Adams has something in mind for this year's Monster Bash that he sent out a call for a gorilla suit.
Richard Sheffield, who the Lugosiphilia Society is again sponsering RS's trip to MB this year, offered to bring his up from South America (Richard, a true gentleman, was one of the young men who Bela befriend and co-authored the book, Bela Lugosi - Dreams and Nightmares with Gary D. Rhodes). I volunteered to wear it. Don't know if it will come off, but Ron hasn't told me any different and Richard said my physique would be a perfect fit for the suit.

Brent McKee said...

Sadly National Gorilla Suit Day has been permanently canceled. The widow of Don Martin, who created "National Gorilla Suit Day" contacted Mark Evanier in late 2007 to request/demand that he cease and desist in promoting it for reasons which she didn't explain.

Unknown said...

But that shouldn't stop anyone from making his own gorilla suit.