Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm for It

Bigfoot May Gain Protection by Canadian Parliament - Associated Content: "A member of the Canadian Mounted Police by the name of Mike Lake has officially notified the Canadian Parliament that he believes that Bigfoot should be added to the Nation's, Species at Risk Act. This is similar to the Endangered Species List in the United States.

According to Mr. Lake, the creature that is also known as the Sasquatch is real, and is endangered. The reason, he says that there have not been more sightings in North America of Bigfoot is because the creature is endangered, not necessarily shy like many believe."

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gomer said...

Thanks to Mr. Lake I am now going to shoot any bigfoot I see. Just to test the law. Since there won't be any body, since they don't exist... like the people who insist that live ones exist, I shall insist the carass is there, present, and that I demand to be punished. And if there actually IS a carcass I shall insist that it is not really there since the species is non existent. And if the carcass is proven to be a bigfoot - you'll notice I am not capitalizing the shyster bastard's title - I shall do my time in jail and do a ton of splashy interviews afterward. So thanks, Lake, you dumbass cop. With brainstorms like that you could probably win a Senate seat in THIS country.