Sunday, August 26, 2007

From JJ Solari

Since you seem to be a persistent booster of crap that I do I thought I would prod your perverse unflagging enthusiasm by sending you a picture of the cover of the load of manure that I am about to back-up to society's doorstep and lower the tailgate of and allow to flow, plop and spread throughout the English reading world. Which now numbers about only 200 people. It's all new stuff unencumbered by editorial concerns peculiar to mammoth publishing concerns and coporate staffers worried about whatever they worry about. Hurting people's feelings, I guess. Or any other kind of fun undertaking.

I think I might have even fewer readers that JJ Solari thinks he has, but I hope some of you will buy his book when it hits the market. I know I will. And if you want to read about JJ's experience as a Mouseketeer (yes, he was one), click here. Fascinating stuff, much of it written by JJ himself.


TM said...

Yes, but enough with the hard sell on Solari's part.

gomer said...

i read this book. it's astoundingly horrible. it's like a third grader wrote it. i never read anything so bad. i thought oj was a sign of the apocalypse. he aint. this thing is.

Bill Crider said...

Surely you jest. This looks like something that might save the world, not end it.

gomer said...

i suspect it is you who are joking. is joking. i suspect you are he who is the one who are joking. i am going to try this one last time: you gotta be kidding. this book has loser written all over it. or written all inside of it i should say. bikers are not amusing. they are like gangrene. they rot and corrupt everything they contact. they fester outside of society because we "humans" have at least the courage to keep that particular brand of vermin hidden in the woods and backroads. even though we sort of give carte blanche to, ya know, everyone else who shows up from out of the sewers of the earth to mingle with us. we at least force the bikers to stay out. even though they are more patriotic than even the Marines. I'm feeling a little mixed up right at the moment. please excuse me for a while. I'll get back to this. I think.

2write said...

Hi Bill,

I bought the book - fanbase ever increasing - me being Biker take no offence to Miss Gomer's whining.

It is thanks to ladies such as Gomer that us Bikers have the reputation and ability to stand our ground and kick losers where it hurts most.

William Hayes, BTW, is selling signed First Editions on

Get 'em while you can .

Best Regards,
Ujjwal Dey