Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College Football's Top 25 Mascots

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CollegeFootballNews.com: Rip on a college football fan's mother and you're asking for trouble. Rip on the mascot of a college football fan's favorite team and you'd better be prepared to throw down.

From intimidating animals to quirky traditions to goofy costumes, the mascots across the college football landscape are as unique and revered as anything identifiable with anything found in any other sport.

So how is it even possible to rank which mascots are the coolest? Obviously it's all subjective, so the attempt is to find the ones most synonymous with their schools and teams and which, at least with our experiences, inspire the most passion. Compiled by the staff of CollegeFootballNews.com, here are the 25 best mascots, or more to the point, the most identifiable symbols in college football.


gomer said...

This is all very fine. But is there a team name of ANYTHING that doesn't sound like it was thought up by a five year old born without a head?

Benjie said...

While some colleges fight heartily for their mascot, it is interesting to note that during the last year Chief Illiniwek the long-time mascot of the University of Illinois was completely retired--with almost no fanfare. The victim of an overly PC society, this mascot has pretty much been laid to rest. Even the man who designed the line drawing version was unable to recover the rights to said artwork after the Chief had been put out of his misery.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Not a bad list, but I'd put in the Navy goat and take out the orange or the tree. In fact, I'd take them out anyway. How lame.