Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They're Baaaaaaack

Video at link. - UFO Sighting In Salt Lake City?: "Is it a rocket? Is it a blimp? Is it a UFO?

A strange object seen in the skies above in Salt Lake City has residents scratching their heads.

What appears to be a huge air balloon was seen floating above the valley Wednesday morning.

The silver, rocket-shaped craft was sighted about 8 a.m. and floated about for several minutes before disappearing.

Salt Lake Air Traffic Control said they didn’t pick up the object on radar and had no knowledge of the craft. "


Anonymous said...

It's a blimp, obviously, but... it doesn't show up on radar?? Leads me to believe it must be a military experiment: a more-or-less garden-variety blimp rigged out with some sort of radar-jamming device.

Cap'n Bob said...

Oh, the humanity!