Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Pulitzer to Paris

Thanks to Todd Mason for the link.

From Pulitzer to Paris
Thrity five years to the day after taking the iconic photograph of a naked Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack, AP photographer Nick Ut snaps a crying Paris Hilton. We talk with Ut about the coincidence.


The photograph that earned Ut the Pulitzer prize

Paris Hilton in police car crying


Jim Winter said...

That girl is probably still around and now wondering why Paris Hilton is getting so much media attention.

Anonymous said...

Another parallel...they both came to pervasive national attention in the US by appearing without clothes, albeit one's circumstance were obscene and the other's were just a matter of homemade porn.

Anonymous said...

Circumstances, I meant to write...though circumstance was in both cases might be better.