Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So Close

Let's see. We have beautiful young women who are professional assassins, high tech geekery, a relentless woman cop who's as expert in the martial arts as the assassins, big-time criminals, wire work, zippy camera angles, kung fu, sword fights, car chases, lots of shooting, and a couple of love stories. Did I leave anything out? Oh, yeah. Explosions. And a bubble bath scene. And there might be a few other things.

Don't worry too much about the plot. This is Hong Kong hokum at its best: fast moving, fun to watch, and great to look at. Shu Qi (The Transporter) plays the older sister of the assassin duo and does the killing. Zhao Wei, the younger sister, is the computer geek. You'll want a wrist watch like these two wear after you see the movie. Karen Mok is the relentless cop. Her fight with Shu Qi in a parking garage is just one of many highlights in the movie.

Comparisons with Charlie's Angels are probably inevitable, but while the plot doesn't make any more sense than the ones in the Angels movies, this is a lot more fun. Trust me.

One more thing: the movie did not make me any fonder of the syrupy "Close to You," but you might feel differently. Check it out.


Todd Mason said...

And when Alice and I saw this for the first time in Philadelphia, we were the only ones in the theater.

Bill Crider said...

Hard to believe. I saw it on a 42" screen, but it would have been a lot more fun in a theater.