Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Most Reprinted Authors and Stories in Mystery Anthologies

Over at his excellent Mystery*File blog, Steve Lewis has a list of the most reprinted authors and stories in mystery anthologies. I never expected to see my name on a list like that, but there it is. I barely made the cut, but I'm there. When I look at the other names on the list, I'm amazed to find myself in such a company. I never would have dreamed it.


Anonymous said...

Cool. In the crush of things, I overlooked the list on FM till now, too...I note how many of the most-anthologized stories aren't mysteries, as well, some not even crime stories, so wonder if you wouldn't rate even higher if mostly/largely-horror anthologies were excluded...

To wit (just to cite the stories I know to be suspense stories or horror stories that can not reasonably be called mysteries):

10 Crawford, F. Marion “Upper Berth” nv 1886 , ed. Sir Henry Norman, London Fisher Unwin
10 Dickens, Charles “Signalman” ss 1866 {All the Year Round}
10 Hemingway, Ernest “Killers” ss 1927 {Scribner’s} [this a borderline case]
10 Saki “Sredni Vashtar” ss 1910 {The Westminster Gazette}
10 Wells, H. G.“Cone” ss 1895 {Unicorn}--that this splattery bit of sadism is so widely reprinted is a sorry state of affairs.
11 Bloch, Robert “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper” ss 1943 {Weird Tales}
11 Collier, John “Back for Christmas” ss 1939 {New Yorker}
11 Kipling, Rudyard “Return of Imray” [ “The Recrudescence of Imray”] ss 1891 , Macmillan
11 McCloy, Helen “Chinoiserie” nv 1946 {EQMM} [as I faintly remember it, this one might also be a borderline case]
11 Poe, Edgar Allan “Black Cat” ss 1843 {Philadelphia: United States Saturday Post}
11 Stoker, Bram “Squaw” ss 1893 {Holly Leaves}
12 Gores, Joe “Goodbye, Pops” ss 1969 {EQMM}
12 Jacobs, W. W. “Monkey’s Paw” ss 1902 {Harper’s Monthly}
13 Stevenson, Robert Louis “Markheim” ss 1886 , ed. Sir Henry Norman, London: Fisher Unwin
14 Chesterton, G. K. “Hammer of God” ss 1910 {The Storyteller}
14 Collins, Wilkie “Terribly Strange Bed” ss 1852 {Household Words}
14 Poe, Edgar Allan “Cask of Amontillado” ss 1846 {Godey’s Lady’s Book}

Unknown said...

I don't want to look too closely. Some of mine might not qualify, either.