Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sea Monster!

Video at link.

Sea serpent off our shore - WPTV NewsChannel 5: "You've heard of the Loch Ness Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The sea serpents of legend, right?

A local diver says he's found something not even the Smithsonian can identify and it's right off the shores of Juno Beach.

Beneath the surface of our crystal blue waters live a myriad of marine life.

Sometimes we can see them from the air -- steely eyed shark congregating by the thousands, graceful stingray, gliding along the shallows.

But go deeper

You never know what you'll find. Just ask Jay Garbose.

'This is a first and I've traveled and video'ed all over the world.'

Take a look at what he found and listen to the story -- it's no fish tale.

'I was diving on Juno Ledge. That's about a mile off shore of Juno Beach. At first I thought it was a sea cucumber although no one's every seen one stretched 7 to 10 feet the way this one was. It's sort of grey and putty like and very smooth and taffy like in the way it stretches. Some of my friends and I have sort of dubbed it the living intestine.'

As an underwater videographer, Jay has captured images for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel."

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Cap'n Bob said...

It's some kind of worm. Or perhaps an ex-book dealer from Minneapolis.