Monday, April 30, 2007

Brazil Invades Texas! Or, You Damn Ants Get off My Lawn! Metro | State: "They are annoying -- the state's unwelcome guest whose bite can sting so bad.

They are fire ants, but not just any kind of fire ant. These creepy crawlers came all the way from Brazil.

'The red imported fire ant, which is the one that we have here that’s not native, are much more dangerous than our native fire ants,' said Molly Keck, Bexar County Entomologist.

And expensive.

A 2001 study shows the state of Texas spent nearly $2 billion trying to fend off these ants. The foreign pests are blamed for attacking farm animals, destroying utility boxes and land.

'They really messed things up when they first came here,' Keck said. 'And they are still messing things up.'"


Anonymous said...

Bill, can we have a quick "You ants get off my lawn!"

Unknown said...

Check it out, Scott.