Monday, April 30, 2007

Hit Parade Hall of Fame

Hit Parade Hall of Fame: "Welcome to the Hit Parade Hall of Fame where all Pop, Country and R&B recording artists are honored.

In the last half century recorded music
has become the language of the universe with artists from all over the world receiving acclaim.
Changes in lifestyle, erasing prejudices and inviting
new thought, recorded music has both excited, yet calmed and brought entertainment into our lives.

We encourage you to invite your friends to join in
casting a vote for your favorites and in suggesting recording stars who might be honored in the future by the nominating committee.

The first nominees for the Hit Parade Hall of Fame
is from the era starting with 1950 and continuing
to the year 1975. Each are required to have at least
two top ten hits, singles and/or album of any genre.

In the future we will announce the date and location
of the induction ceremony and museum dedicated to those who deserve being inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame."

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