Monday, April 30, 2007


Coming Online Soon: The Five-Minute ‘Charlie’s Angels’ - New York Times: "The question probably never occurred to viewers in the 1970s and 1980s, but suddenly it is highly relevant: exactly how much worthwhile entertainment content was there in shows like “Charlie’s Angels,” “T. J. Hooker,” and “Starsky and Hutch”?

The Sony Corporation and its production studio, Sony Pictures Television, which controls the rights to those and many other relics of a distant era of television, have come up with an answer to that question: three and a half to five minutes.

That’s the length Sony has shrunk episodes down to in order to create what the company hopes is an appealing new business in retooling old shows for a new era of entertainment. Sony even has a name for these shrunken slices of television nostalgia: minisodes."


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right, if perhaps a little generous for TJ HOOKER and STARSKY & HUTCH. In the case of CA, I'm somehow reminded of the repackaged GLOBE TREKKER I watched last night, detailing the progress of actress Christina Chang through Greece, which seemed to make considerable time available to cover the several incidents of her swimming in a bikini. Inasmuch as Chang is one of the better-looking people so far, this wasn't too upsetting. I can foresee the mobisode now.

Unknown said...

It sounds promising, all right.

Cap'n Bob said...

Does this mean three-plus minutes of plot or three-plus minutes jiggle time?

Anonymous said...