Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Don't Need a Getaway Driver in Minneapolis

This gives new meaning to the old slogan "Take the bus and leave the driving to us."

Bank robber stops at liquor store, food store, before getaway on bus: "A man who robbed a south Minneapolis bank Monday afternoon made the liquor store his next stop, then went into a sandwich shop and finally made his getaway on a bus.

The robber who held up the Wells Fargo branch at 2600 E. Franklin Av. just after 3 p.m. was seen a few minutes later buying a bottle of liquor at a store next to the bank, said FBI special agent Paul McCabe.

The man, who was alone, smelled of liquor and waved a silver handgun wrapped in a baseball cap when he handed a teller a note demanding money. He left the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash and headed to the liquor store, the FBI said.

An employee at Milio’s Sandwiches a couple doors down from the bank said the robber came in and got a sandwich before boarding a Metro Transit bus."


Anonymous said...

One would think, since this all happened less than 5 minutes from my house, that I would have been aware of it without reading this "pop culture magazine". One would be wrong.


Unknown said...

You need to get out more. But be careful on the bus. You never know who might be sitting next to you.

Anonymous said...

You think he rides the bus? He does light rail, but bitches about the unwashed masses the entire time.

-His Eldest

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kate. That's possibly my all-time favorite comment, ever.

Anonymous said...

If you encourage her, she'll just keep posting comments.

And the reason I bitch about the unwashed masses is because they are often drunken bank robbers (see above article).

Anonymous said...

Days late, but thanks. That made my day.

And Dad - bankrobbers ride the bus, remember?