Monday, March 12, 2007

Croc Update

Thanks to Jeff "Croc" Meyerson for the link.

Ananova - Nike croc shoes slammed: "Nike has been slammed by animal rights groups after launching trainers made from crocodile and snake skin.

The special edition shoes come with 18-carat gold lace tags and cost �1,400, reports the Sun.

One version is made from saltwater crocodile skin while the other features the skin of the world's largest snake - the anaconda.

They have been made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nike's Air Force 1 range, and have gone on sale at flagship stores around the world.

In London, one pair is spotlighted beneath a glass case.

However, the move seems to have backfired, with the National Animal Welfare Society saying: 'What a horrific and objectionable way of making money. They are croccy horrors.'"

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Anonymous said...

What would Steve Irwin have said? Something a lot stronger than "Crickey", I'm betting.

-Jerry House