Friday, March 16, 2007

Bob Randisi Comments on Raines

Bob Randisi is the author of Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime (A Rat Pack Mystery) and (with Vince Van Patten) The Picasso Flop.

I don't usually respond to blogs, . . but I had to respond to your comments about Raines.
SPOILER ALERT! I love that he talks to his dead partner. In fact, if I hadn't seen Goldblum of Regis and Kelly that same morning--where HE gave it away--I might have been surprised. Well, maybe not. END SPOILER ALERT! But I lke the feel of the entire show, talking dead and all. I didn't think it would work for me but, like you, I wanted to give the show and chance. Mainly because of Goldblum. I like him in almost anything. I disagree that this is nothing special. The fact that it's not part of the L&O or CSI franchise makes it special. Goldblum is his usual understated self, which works here. And the retro feel works, as you pointed out. But the taking to the dead aspect--I really liked when he asked the girl a question and she responded "I only know what you know." Characters have talked to themselves before, but this is much better. And it's not played for laughs, i.e. giving us a shot of him talking to air and people staring at him. The only episodic tv I watch is pretty much Shark, Medium, Numbers, and now Raines. Raines is what I wish Monk was, quirky without being slapstick.


Randy Johnson said...

I missed the Raines pilot Thursday night, but I just watched it on NBC's website. It looks promising.

Graham said...

He says "slapstick" like it's a bad thing.

Kent Morgan said...

I watched Raines last night, but don't know if I will give it a second chance. Maybe I would have liked it better if I could have understood a word Goldblum said.

Brent McKee said...

I took Raines pretty much for what it was - light entertainment, and probably not meant to be taken with the seriousness that professional critics was granting it. Is it great TV? No, and it's probably not even at the level of a show like Las Vegas, but it's fun and mostly harmless. And I liked that the dead people he was talking to were a product of his mental instability instead of the sort of thing you see on Ghost Whisperer or Medium.