Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pookie Hudson, R. I. P.

One of the greats. Thanks to Todd Mason for the tip.

AP Wire | 01/17/2007 | Doo wop singer Pookie Hudson dies at 72: "WASHINGTON - Pookie Hudson, lead singer and songwriter for the doo wop group The Spaniels, who lent his romantic tenor to hits like 'Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight' and influenced generations of later artists, has died. He was 72.

Hudson died Tuesday of complications from cancer of the thymus at his home in Capitol Heights, Md., his publicist, Bill Carpenter, said Wednesday.

Hudson continued performing into last fall when he learned that his cancer had returned after a remission. His last recordings were done in October for an 'Uncloudy Christmas' CD that will be released this fall, Carpenter said.

Hudson's longtime manager, Wellington 'Bay' Robinson, said the singer should be remembered for his great writing ability.

Robinson said Hudson wrote 'Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight' ('...well, it's time to go') for a young woman he was dating at the time. 'He was staying awful late at the young lady's house and her parents said ... he had to go. As he was walking home, that's what inspired him to write that song.'"


Cap'n Bob said...

If there's a rock 'n' roll heaven...

Anonymous said...


We saw him perform a few times over the years.


Anonymous said...

It is certainly disappointing to lose such an icon of doo-wop as Mr. Hudson. Those of us who cherish this kind of music need to support the surviving doo-wop artists and groups as best we can by attending their shows to demonstrate our affection tangibly.Artists of this era are aging out. We need to cherish them for as long as we can.

Unknown said...

Absolutely, dj1945. I have a pretty nice doo-wop collection on CD, and I love the doo-wop shows on XM Radio. I listen on the 'Net as well. I wish some of those artists who are still performing would come to this area. At least I can see them now and then on PBS.