Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Fine Howdy-Do This Is

Stonewall had some great songs. "Smoke along the Track," "A Wound Time Can't Erase," "Old Showboat," and of course "Waterloo," among many others. Pure country and pure good.

Tittle-Tattle: Country Star Stonewall Jackson Claims Age Discrimination - The Post Chronicle: "Country music legend Stonewall Jackson is suing US television program Grand Ole Opry Live over claims of age discrimination, saying he was kept off the air because of his advancing years.

The Waterloo star filed a $10 million (�5.16 million) lawsuit in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday (11Jan07) against boss Pete Fisher and the show's owner, Gaylord Entertainment.

He claims he was described as 'too old and too country' and told by the TV executive, 'I don't want any grey hairs on that stage or in the audience, and before I'm done there won't be any.'

Steve Buchanan, the company's vice president of media and entertainment, denies the charges, saying, 'The allegations of age discrimination are without merit, as evidenced by our lineups in each and every show.'

However, fellow country musician, Jimmy 'Spider' Wilson, 71, a guitarist in the Opry band for 53 years, resigned from the show last November (06) because of 'humiliating' treatment. (c) WENN"

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