Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Bopper Update

Abilene Reporter-News: "KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The son of 'The Big Bopper' has hired a forensic anthropologist to try to answer questions about how his father died in the 1959 plane crash that also took the lives of famous early rock `n' rollers Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.

Jay Richardson, who performs tribute shows as 'The Big Bopper Jr.,' hopes an examination of his father's remains will settle rumors a gun might have been fired on board the plane, and tell whether the Big Bopper might have survived the crash impact and died trying to go for help.

'I'm not looking for any great bombshell, but then again you never know,' Richardson said in a recent phone interview from his home outside Houston.

J.P 'The Big Bopper' Richardson is buried in Beaumont, Texas. After his remains are studied they will be reburied and a life-sized statue put up aside the grave.

Jay Richardson never knew his father, who soared to rock fame with his late `50s hit, 'Chantilly Lace.' His mother was pregnant with him when his father died.

The rock 'n' roll stars died on Feb. 3, 1959, when their four-passenger plane crashed after taking off from the Mason City, Iowa, airport - a tragedy memorialized as 'the day the music died' in Don McLean's song 'American Pie.'"


Anonymous said...

I always suspected murder. the Big Bopper was considered at the time by Good Christians Everywhere to be the biggest threat to Morose America, threatening to move it into a more exciting party atmosphere. The problem with the Big Bopper was not the lyrics, but the salacious eager, unguilty, almost comandeering tone of his voice as he was enunciating his eagerness to copulate with nubile teens via song lyrics. He made Jerry Lee Lewis's panting musical rants of wolf-calling ardor look like a Sunday Comics installment of January Jones.

Unknown said...

"You knoooooooow what I like!"