Friday, August 18, 2006

Paul Giamatti in Bubba Nosferatu?

Paul Giamatti's favorite role is played under the radar: "Also in the can are The Nanny Diaries, in which Giamatti and Laura Linney play a self-absorbed couple, and Shoot 'Em Up, 'a very violent action movie' with Clive Owen.

This fall he'll play Santa Claus opposite Vince Vaughn in the comedic Joe Claus. He also hopes to make Bubba Nosferatu, a prequel to horror-comedy Bubba Hotep.

Bruce Campbell again would play Elvis Presley, with Giamatti as his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. In Louisiana to make a movie, they're assailed by a coven of she-vampires."

The question is, how much will Joe Lansdale be involved with the script? I loved Bubba Hotep, but it was straight from Joe's story. So far I haven't seen any stories about Bubba Nosferatu. Can they pull it off without Joe? Or will he do the script? Stay tuned.

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Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

I asked Joe about Bubba Nosferatu at 'Dillocon. He said he wasn't doing anything with it at this point, but would most likely go through Coscorelli's script for a dialog polish once everything was said and done.