Thursday, August 17, 2006

The A - Z of Rock & Roll Sex Scandals on

The A - Z of Rock & Roll Sex Scandals on "What beloved band enjoyed molesting their male roadies? What other pop stars prefer the company of children? Find out all this and more in our comprehensive guide to the seamiest moments in music history."

Everything you ever wanted to know. Check it out.


Todd Mason said...

Well, hell, every Go-Go's fan has heard the quintet admit their abuse of male hangers-on...didn't dissuade me from crushing on Jane Wiedlin back when (she still seems a bright, talented, cute woman to me, and perhaps if they hadn't been playing so hard with recreational chemicals...).

Bill said...

My kids loved the Go-Go's. (I'm and old guy.) I liked their songs but didn't know much about them. I think one of them just moved to Austin.