Friday, August 18, 2006

New Stuff at Mystery*File

MYSTERY*FILE ON-LINE: "Aug 18. LESLIE CHARTERIS. One of the best websites devoted to a single mystery author, bar none. If there’s anything you’d like to know about Simon Templar, aka The Saint, you will find it here, whether it be be film, TV or books and magazines, no to mention a peek into the life of the author himself – whose real name was ... ?

Aug 17. THE RAP SHEET. For the finest in up-to-date news and detailed commentary on mystery fiction and its practitioners on a nearly daily basis, you cannot do better than this website, which recently celebrated its 200th posting. J. Kingston Pierce is the editor, ably assisted by collaborators Stephen Miller, Anthony Rainone and Linda L. Richards. (I thought I’d recommended this blog long ago, but not so. My error.)

Aug 17. MURDER CLINIC. The checklist of the detective tales adapted for broadcast on Mutual’s early 1940s radio series has been revised and added to once again. Also included are links to mp3 versions of the six episodes known to exist, plus links to e-texts of stories in the public domain and available on the web."

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